THE MAIN LION CAT GROOMING SALON                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Cat Haircuts


  • Eliminate Shedding
  • Eliminate Hairballs
  • Eliminate Mats/Pelting
  • Eliminates Dander
  • Low Maintenance                   
  • $65 Lion Cut Package
  • Includes Shampoo, Ears & Nails
  • Other Modified Lion Cuts 
  • Easy online Reservations Tues - Fri

           OR Saturday Private Appointments

  • New Client $25 Bonus Gift
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 Available Saturdays from 8am to 9pm. ~ The rest of the week we are a Lion Cut exclusive salon

Samantha Darcy

Professional cat groomer with 11 years experience. Private Saturday appointments available in the only cat exclusive salon in the Philadelphia/Main Line area


Did you know short hair cats shed more than long hair cats? Take advantage of our $70 offer for 2 any size short hair cats.


A shampoo & blowout is the key to maintaining a beautiful luxurious long haired cat. Reduces shedding, oily build up and prevents matting.


Many styles to choose from.  Select your favorite or try something new. Customized styles  available


THE LONG HAIRED SHAMPOO PACKAGE  $65  ~  This is the secret to caring for Long Haired Cats. This style is an alternative to cutting into your cats coat & colors. This will maintain your cat's natural beauty & remove all unwanted oil, trapped dander & dead fur from building up in your cat's coat. A belly shave can remove even more fur and eliminate problem areas without being visible. Recommended maintence grooming for a long haired cat is every 8-12 weeks


THE TIGON (A Lion Cut Option)

THE TIGON  $70 includes style & full shampoo package ~ This style is 1/2 Tiger & 1/2 Lion. This style leaves a Tiger head on a Lion pattern body. There is no mane and the head is purrfectly manicured round. The body is like a standard Lion Cut,"The Main Lion", with "boots" left on the legs & a Lion tail. Purrfect for short haired cats too.

THE TIGER CUT (Saturdays Only)

THE TIGER CUT $95 includes style & full shampoo package ~ This will even out your cat's fur to the same length all over. This style automatically comes with a Tiger tail & Tiger paws unless you specify otherwise. This style will leave about 1/4 to 1/2 inch length of fur depending on how short or long you want the style to be. This style is not available for matted or aggressive cats.

THE LIGER CUT  (Saturdays Only)

The Liger Cut  $95 includes style & full shampoo package ~ This style is 1/2 Lion & 1/2 Tiger. This style leaves 1/2 inch length of fur, a Lion head/mane on a Tiger pattern body (The Tiger Cut is the same length all over much like a puppy cut). The body is groomed evenly all over including the paws & tail, while leaving a pronounced natural mane.. A great style for long haired cats with 2 distinct lengths of fur. Also a great alternative Lion Cut for the Winter months. Tail style optional (Tiger, Lion or Natural) This style is not available for matted or aggressive cats.


THE VELVET TIGER (A Lion Cut Option)

THE VELVET TIGER  $70 includes style & full shampoo package ~ Transform your cat into a velvet texture & length hairstyle. Great for reducing shedding. This style will get your cat short without that shaved look. Purrfect for short haired cats & matted long haired cats

THE ASIAN LION (A Lion Cut Option)

THE ASIAN LION  $70 includes style & full shampoo package ~This style extends the mane to behind the front legs while shaving all the problem areas in the back end. This style is ideal for older cats who can no longer hold themselves correctly while urinating without having accidents on the inside of their legs and or tail, cats who do not like being groomed, a better option for cats who are only partially pelted in the rear area only & for owners who do not care for a complete shave of their cat in the standard Lion Cut also great for the Winter months.(My cat SHUJI above ~ Loves this!)

THE LION KING (A Lion Cut Option)

THE LION KING  $65 Shaved body  $80 Shag body~ This Lion Cut does not have any separation between the mane & the front legs. The mane is one solid unit in the front. This style is ideal for ornery cats who do not like their front legs touched. The mane is more pronounced & the look is more natural looking. The body can be a shave or a shag. Shuji our cat model is displaying a shag on his body which allows for a short length of hair on the body much like a Tiger cut. Tail style optional



The Dragon Cut "Dino Kitty" $95

The Gremlin  $80