THE MAIN LION CAT GROOMING SALON                                                                                                                                                                                                                   



This Will Include The Style - Shampoo/Blow Out - Ears - Nails - Cat Toy 

Also Includes Free Unlimited Maintenance Services To All Our Lions Every Wednesday Evening From

6pm to 9pm~Walk In Only (Ears, Sanitary Clip, Nail Trim, Comb Out, Pet Care Tutorials + More)  

Before & After

Purrfect Paws

 "Purrfect Paws" manicures all loose fur around the paws 


Soft Claws

Comes in assorted colors & sizes ~ Prevents unwanted scratching  

Pelt Removal

If pelting has occurred, The Lion Cut is the only way to remove it. A partial or full pelt removal fee will be assessed to your cat's grooming appointment including a $5 medicated bath to treat skin irritations associated with pelting

  • Partial Pelt $8
  • 1/2 pelt  $15
  • Full Pelt $25

Pelting is when your cat has developed a thick hardened coat that has bound tightly to it's skin. It is extremely uncomfortable for your cat to live with a pelt. The removal must be done as soon as possible.

Designer Tails

Offering designer Lion tails. Color options also available. Custom tails start at $10 and are the purrfect compliment for any Lion.



We also offer creative cat grooming along with color options. Below is our cat client Merlin, modeling The Dragon Cut, also known as "Dino Kitty"~