THE MAIN LION CAT GROOMING SALON                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Click link below to reserve your Lion Cut today! This exclusive service is offered Tues through Fri from 8am-6pm. Completed e-file and proof of vaccination from veterinarian required

  • $45 Dry Lion Cut ~ includes style & waterless shampoo(no bath or dry)
  • $55 Frequent Lion Cut (groomed every 8 weeks or less) includes style & shampoo package
  • $65 The Lion Cut ~ includes style & shampoo package
  • The Tigon & Velvet Styles included 

The Lion Cut Styles

The Main Lion Cut $65

This style shaves the body and leaves a mane, plume on end of tail and boots on legs. Much like a miniature Lion (standard lion cut)

The Tigon $70

This style leaves a Lion pattern on the body. The head is round and sculpted (Tiger head) and there is no mane

The Velvet  (Tiger or Lion cut) $75

This style uses a different blade than The Lion Cut. Leaves the length of velvet on the body. 

The Dragon Cut $95

This style has the same pattern as The Lion Cut but includes the scales down the back & sculpted tail


The Style

Shampoo x 2 

Hand Dry

Ear Clean

Nail Trim

Cat Toy/Treat 


Tail Color

Purrfect for Lion Tails

Add a splash of color to any Lion tail with our semi--permanent assortment of colors. Lasts a long time

Whitening Shampoo

Les Pooch luxurious shampoo 

A luxurious ginseng violet shampoo that lifts the coat's color

Purrfect Paws

Toe Tuft Trimming

For those who would like their cat's fur on their paws trimmed back 

Soft Claws

A vinyl nail cover

Reduces unwanted scratching and protects home from damage. Usually lasts 6-8 weeks & comes in an assortment of colors & sizes

Spiral Tail

Great for the Lion tail

Tail sculpting achieved with two different lengths of fur. Fun for special events where your cat is included in the festivities

Degreasing Treatment

Removes heavy oil builup

Used specifically for heavy, oily areas on the cat like stud tail. Used to produce quality results on problem areas of the cat.


Below is our cat client Merlin, modeling The Dragon Cut, also known as "Dino Kitty"~ West Chester, PA



Pelting is when your cat's mats have started to fuse together, pulling tightly the fur underneath.

Pelt Removal

There is no other way to correct a pelted cat other than to shave off the pelt. The skin is allowed to breath again and then treated with a medicated shampoo. This will treat the skin irritation caused from the pelt which pulls out the fur underneath . Your cat will be styled in The Lion Cut which is the only style choice you will be given since there would not be any other options.  

Angel Wings

These are the "wings" that come from a typical pelt removal.....once removed, the cat experiences "freedom" of movement as well as a new found sense of pride in feeling & smelling clean (the ultimate status for a cat) They might also exhibit what we refer to as being a "Secret Nudist" symptoms of feeling very happy and liberated to have that rug taken off of them 

Sur Charges

Full Pelt Removal  $25

1/2 Pelt Removal   $15

Partial Pelt             $8

Pelting can be very painful restricting your cat's movement & cause skin sores & irritation. It can also cause fur loss where the pelt was tightly pulling at the skin. We do not offer a pelt removal service more than once for the same cat. So take advantage of our easy online reservations for The Lion Cut to prevent this from happening in the future.