We Refer To Our Additional (Add-On) Grooming Options As "Feline Frosting"

Cat-in-the-bag Cat Carrier

$25 in assorted colors & sizes

Treat your cat to a new way to travel. Designed to reduce travel anxiety in cats. Also purrfect for vet visits.

Whitening Shampoo

Les Poochs 

A luxurious Ginseng violet shampoo by Les Poochs.

Purrfect Paws

Toe Tuft Trimming

Fur on your cats paws are trimmed back. Includes the fur under and around the paw pad

Soft Claws

Per Paw

Prevents damage caused from unwanted scratching. Comes in an assortment of colors & sizes.

Designer Tails

 Various Designs

Purrfect compliment with any Lion Cut. Pictured above is The Spiral

Glam Photography

 Digital Image

Add a pop of color & bling to your cat's grooming appointment. 

Medicated Bath

Les Poochs Shampoo 

Aids in the treatment of topical skin irritation. Mandatory after any pelt removal or de-matting services.

Tail Color

Unlimited Color Choices

Safe semi-permanent colors. Purrfect for Lion Cuts or for special occassions. Fun for announcing whether "it's a boy or girl"

The Dragon Cut

$95 Includes Style & Shampoo

An alternative to The Lion Cut. Purrfect for Halloween 

Fun Photoshop Photo

Digital Image

Fun for any occasion. Purrfect for social media image, gift card, FB post, Instagram + many other uses 

De-Greasing Treatment

Special Degreasing service

Brings back the fluff in your cat's coat. Purrfect for Lion Cuts with cats whose fur is very oily & separated at the mane, paws & tail. Also removes oily stud tail (from base of tail)

Creative Grooming

We take requests......

Create & customize your cat. We can add splashes of color & or designs. Even temperament cat required

Flea Shampoo

Focus On Felines Shampoo

Although we have a no flea policy, this will take care of any unexpected visitors. All natural, safe and effective 

Lion Pet Portrait

Digital Image

Purrfect with any Lion Cut.

Trim Haunches

"Pretty Panties" ~ for girls

"Going Commando" ~ for boys

This will naturally taper back all the loose fur or "fall" going down the back of your cat's legs

We are not satisfied unless you are.... Here at The Main Lion Cat Grooming Salon, our cat groomer is experienced, knowledgeable, and prepared to exceed your expectations.