The Lion Cut Malvern



Professional Cat Groomer

Samantha grew up in the Orient as a child, being a Navy brat and friend to all animals. Her father being a graduate of Malvern Prep & Haverford College and a retired Commander in the US Navy.


Her Aunt Ginny was one of the first female dog groomers to ever open a grooming salon on the Main Line (there were only men groomers back in the day)


Samantha has been cat grooming for over 12 years = (10,000 cats)... pet grooming being a family tradition for over 50 years. Samantha comes highly recommended by local vets and is being regarded as one of the leading cat groomers in our area. 


Our Team


Managing Director
Problem solver and a people person. Strong background in both management and entrepreneurship.


Public Relations Director

Ginger has been working in the pet industry for most of her life. Her passions include meeting people, sailing, going for walks & ice cream


Official Greeter

Typical coffee advocate. He is a British Short Hair who loves the pretty ladies. 
Over 5 years of experience in managing key customers