The Lion Cut

All Lion Cuts Include Our Full Shampoo Package plus free maintenance services for up to a year of your last grooming.

Offered every Wed evening to all existing clients.....ears, nails, sanitary clip, belly shaves + more

     The Lion Cut  $75

  • The Style
  • Triple shampoo
  • Hand Drying
  • Ears & Nails
  • Free Purrs & Pawdicures on Wed 6pm-7:30pm for up to a year of your last grooming

We refer to the standard Lion Cut as "The Main Lion" but we offer other Lion Cut options too. "The Main Lion" leaves a full mane, a plume on the end of the tail & furry boots. The body is shaved. Optional tail styles available. All Lion Cuts are fully customizable.

      The Tigon  $80

The Tigon is The Lion Cut pattern with a Tiger head. No mane is left and the head is sculpted round. Optional tail styles. This is a great style if you like to accessorize your cat with fancy collars. It also reduces the maintenance of cats whose face & mane are hard to keep clean.

The Asian Lion Cut  $100

This style leaves the fur in the front and middle section of your cat and shaves the back legs & lower back end area. This will eliminate most of the problem areas that cats normally would have (ideal for older cats). Optional tail styles available

       The Velvet  $85-$95

1/8" fur length. Comes in The Lion, Tigon, Tiger, Liger or African pattern. This is a blade cut that leaves the length of Velvet. An alternative to the standard Lion Cut. The Velvet leaves a few weeks worth of fur growth. Optional tail patterns include the Tiger, Lion or natural....see Tail Gallery link below for details

  The Dragon Cut  $115

A fun alternative to The Lion Cut which includes scales down the back & tail.  THE DRAGON GALLERY This style is available for even temperament cats only

Tiger/Liger Cut $125

1/4"-1/2" fur length on the body.

The Tiger Cut leaves the same length all over including the legs with a round sculpted Tiger head & purrfectly manicured paws

The Liger Cut is the same but leaves the head & mane natural. Optional tail styles available.

Not available for cats who are matted or who have higher stress levels (unless pretreated with Gabapentin prior to grooming) Request The Velvet Cut if your cat is matted or The Lion Cut if it is pelted

         Dry Lion Cut $60

  • Style + Ears + Nails
  • 30 minute appointment
  • No bath is given
  • Available for cats who are not pelted & have clean skin underneath

          Soft Claws

VINYL NAIL CAPS ~Reduces unwanted scratching and protects home from damage. Usually lasts 6 weeks & comes in an assortment of colors & sizes

     Medicated Bath

A SKIN TREATMENT ~ Aids in the treatment of topical skin irritation. Included with any pelt removal. This will help heal & alleviate any skin irritation caused from the pelting/matting

          Tail Coloring

            Assortment of colors 

Add a splash of color to your cat's Lion tail. Semi permanent color. Purrfect for all occassions

     Beauty Treatments

Some of our beauty treatments include...

  • Degreasing Treatment
  • Whitening/Ginseng Shampoo
  • Protein Treatment
  • Face Sculpting
  • Tail Color
  • Nail Caps
  • Tail Sculpting
  • Plus More....

      Purrs & Pawdicures

A Free Walk-In Maintenance Service To All Existing Cat Clients Every Wed from 6pm-7:30pm. Services include...

  • Nail Trimming
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Face Cleaning
  • Sanitary Clip
  • Belly Shave
  • Coat Check
  • Tutorials on grooming tools and techniques

Soft Claw replacement & application also available at $5 a paw.

Free replacement of nail caps that have fallen off for up to 4 weeks after application.


Pelting is when your cat's mats have started to fuse together, slowly pulling away at your cats fur & skin 

Pelt Removal

There is no way to correct a pelted cat other than to shave it. The skin is allowed to breath again and it is then treated with a medicated shampoo. This will treat the skin irritation caused from the pelt which pulls out the fur from underneath . Your cat will be styled in The Lion Cut which is the only style choice a pelted cat would have. If the pelting is only in the rear, you can also request an Asian Lion Cut instead.

Angel Wings

These are the "wings" that come from a typical pelt removal.....once removed, the cat experiences "freedom" of movement as well as a new found sense of pride in feeling & smelling clean after their medicated bath (the ultimate status for a cat) They might also exhibit what we refer to as  "Secret Nudist Syndrome" ....which includes symptoms of feeling happy and dancing proudly around the house naked. 70% of all cats exhibit these symptoms after a Lion Cut.

Pelt Removal Package 

  • $25 additional fee with The Lion Cut 
  • Includes removal of pelt
  • Degreasing treatment of head, mane, paws & tail
  • Medicated Shampoo
  • Dematting of fur that is left
  • Ginseng Violet Shampoo
  • Fur Protein Treatment 

Pelting can be very painful and restrict your cat's movement & cause skin sores & irritation. It can also cause fur loss where the pelt is tightly pulling. We do not offer a pelt removal service more than once for the same cat. So take advantage of our free walk-in preventative maintenance services. Offered every Wed 6pm-7:30pm to all our existing clients Purrs & Pawdicures is offered specifically to help prevent cats from matting again & to teach you how to maintain your cat inbetween grooming visits



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