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The Main Lion Cat Grooming Salon

Welcome To Our Pride


  • The first & only cat exclusive grooming salon to open on The Main Line.
  • The first Free Free cat grooming salon to open in the country
  • Offering world class cat groomer Samantha Darcy 


Location & Hours

21 Plank Ave. Paoli Pa 19301

The Depot Shoppes  

Tues 8am to 4:30pm

Wed  8am to 4:30 pm

Wed Evening  6pm to 8pm

Purrs & Pawdicures (a free walk-in maintenance services for all existing cat clients.

Thur  8am to 4:30pm

Fri     8am to 9pm

Sat    8am to 9pm

FOR NEW CLIENTS Please Complete Your Online Client Form

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  • Call the salon to make a reservation (We will hold all reservations for 24 hours)To confirm your appointment simply complete your online e-file within that 24 hour time frame.

The Lion Cut $65

The Lion Cut is our most popular style for cats. We refer to this style  as "The Main Lion"~ Other Lion Cut options available (click link below) Our standard  Lion Cut Package includes.......... 

  • $65 The Lion Cut Style
  • Our specialty & simply the best on The Main Line
  • Triple Shampoo/Rinse
  • Hand Drying
  • Nail Trimming
  • Ear & Eye Cleaning
  • Purrs & Pawdicures Every Wed 6pm to 9pm (our FREE maintenance walk-in service for all existing cat clients
  • VIP LION CUT $50 includes all of the above. For clients who are groomed within 8 weeks of their last visit. Ideal for (allergies, inflamed hairball prevention or because your cat is a secret nudist!
  • DRY LION CUTS $45 also available upon request for preapproved clients 


The Shampoo Package

THE SECRET to caring for & having a beautifully coated cat is The Shampoo Package. Staying one step ahead of the oil, dander & dead fur that builds up in your cat's coat is key. It's that simple

Show quality product lines and show quality beauty secrets.

  • Triple Shampoo & Rinses
  • Hand Drying
  • Ear & Eye Cleaning
  • Nail Trimming
  • Sanitary Clip
  • Show Quality Finish 
  • Purrs & Pawdicures  Every Wed 6pm to 9pm (our FREE maintenance walk-in service which includes ears, eyes, sani clip, nails, belly shave, coat comb check & grooming tutorials)
  • Long Haired Cat $65
  • Short Haired Cat $45

Furstyles For Felines

All Furstyles Come With Our Full Shampoo Package

The Lion Cut $65

The Tigon $70

The Asian Lion Cut $70

The Lion King $70

The Dragon Cut $95

The Velvet Lion  1/8" length $75

The Velvet Liger  1/8" length $75

The Velvet Tiger  1/8" length $75

The Liger $85 (1/4"-1" length) 

The Tiger $85 (1/4"-1" length)

Our original Liger or Tiger Cut

leaves 1/4" to 1" length of fur)

Feline Frosting

Feline Frosting is what we refer to for our additional beauty options. $5 each unless marked otherwise

  • Soft Claws
  • Tail Color
  • Whitening Shampoo
  • Photography
  • Creative Cat Grooming
  • Degreasing Treatment
  • Spiral Tail
  • Purrfect Paws
  • Plus More.....


Pre Grooming Checklist

Please be sure to review our Pre Grooming Checklist & our NEW Fear Free cat guide prior to coming in for your cat's grooming appointment. This will include any policies & requirements.


Despite popular belief, it is now possible to create a spa day for your cat with proven techniques that eliminate panic or aggression.

  • We are proud to be one of the first if not only practicing Fear Free cat salons in the country!
  • We will assess your cat in front of you as a new client.
  • Our goal is to make it possible for all our cat clients to reach and or maintain a comfortable stress level of 1-2 out of 6.

21 Plank Avenue, Paoli PA 19301

The Depot Shoppes

Behind The Paoli Starbucks

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